Province: Karaman

The Karaman landscape ranges from the high limestone peaks of the Toros Mountains in the south, to the flat plains of the north whose monotony is broken up by Karadağ, “The Black Mountain”, an extinct volcano surrounded by black and red cones popping out of the flat plains.
The name Karaman comes from the Karamanid Beylik, a successor state to the failing Seljuk Empire. The Karamanids rose to power under their founder Kerimüddin Karaman Bey who rose to power in the mid 15th century and named his capital after himself.
The Karamanids left their mark in the province with historic mosques, fortresses, and bath houses scattered throughout the historic city center. While the Karamanid and Ottoman influence dominates the city of Karaman, the rest of the province is filled natural caves, Hittite Monuments, Wild Horses, and plenty more.