Province: Kars

Kars is set in the far northeast of Turkey in the high mountains along the Armenian border. Its high altitude makes it one of Turkey’s coldest provinces. While the cold may not sound particularly attractive, magnificent frozen lakes, skiing, sledding, and ice fishing bring visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy this remote winter wonderland.
One of Kars’ most famous winter attractions is the Eastern Express train journey from Ankara to Kars that runs through the snow-covered hills allowing travellers to enjoy the beauty of winter in Kars from the warmth and comfort of the train.
Set amid beautiful nature, Kars is home to ancient history from the Stone-Age onwards. Scattered amid the deep valleys and wide plains are the remains of the once great Armenian kingdoms who left behind countless churches and monasteries. The greatest sight of all though is the ruins of the Medieval Armenian city of Ani, with its blend of magnificent architecture and stunning natural beauty.
The only problem with visiting Kars is you’ll need to choose whether you want to visit in the summer or in the winter!