Eğret Han Caravanserai

Eğret Han

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Built in the 14th century by the Germiyanids, a principality that grew up out of the remains of the Seljuk Empire, Eğret Han was built to serve caravans traveling along the Silk Road. The Seljuks built a stunning network of roads dotted with Caravanserai that were often beautiful. Following the collapse of Seljuk power, resources were apparently few and the caravanserai built in this period were much smaller and less ornate.

Eğret Han Caravanserai

While many Seljuk era hans were built with two parts, a walled outer court and a covered great hall, Eğret Han was designed as a simple heavy stone rectangular room. The interior space is divided by two rows of pillars making for three vaulted aisles, the center being the largest.

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Always the most striking feature of a caravanserai, Eğret Han’s single door is its only artistic feature. The door is flanked by marble columns and topped by an arch. Within the arch is a blank tablet of marble where the inscription regarding the founding of the building would normally be. The inscription stone is either lost or was removed for safe keeping when the building was restored.

Eğret Han Caravanserai

There is no immediately obvious spoila, recycled worked stone from earlier periods, as is common in Seljuk era buildings.

Eğret Han Caravanserai
A large historic graveyard behind the caravanserai. Modern tombstones sit side by side with historic ones, some ornate, and others of of crude, unworked stone.

How To Get There


Eğret Han is in the village of Anıtkaya, 32 kilometers north of the city of Afyon along the Afyon-Kutahya highway (D650). There is bus service to the village along the highway and from Afyon city center. For those traveling by car head west out of the city on the E96 highway. On the edge of town turn north onto the D650 towards Kütahya. The village of Anıtkaya will be on your right, the caravanserai is on the western edge of the village.

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Where To Stay

Situated 60 kilometers from the city of Kütahya and 31 kilometers from the city of Afyon these are your best options when looking for hotels. Kütahya has a decent selection of hotels for a non-touristic city while Afyon has the usual selection plus a great selection of hotels and resorts with geothermal and mineral pools.

Other Tips

Planning on visiting Eğret Han? Make sure to check out the other sights in the Phrygian Valley, Afyon Province, and Kütahya Provınce.

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