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Built sometime in the 14th or early 15th century, Çakırsazhan Caravanserai is a rather small addition to the incredible network of trade routes and fortified inns (Caravanserai or Han, sometimes Khan) that were built by the Seljuk rulers of Anatolia and their successors. The builders of Çakırsazhan Caravanserai were the Germiyanids, one of the powers to grow up following the collapse of the Seljuks. This han served travelers making the journey between Kütahya, the Germiyanid capital, and Afyonkarahisar along with the nearby Eğret Han.

Çakırsaz Caravanserai Han Kütahya

Until it was restored in 2007 Çakırsazhan Caravanserai was in a state of ruin, with many of its walls completely collapsed.

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Çakırsazhan Caravanserai was built as a single covered space beneath three vaulted aisles fronted by a single, large crown portal. The inscription that would usually be mounted above the doorway has been lost, leaving the exact date of its construction something of a mystery.

The crown portal consists of a large archway of brick and stone above the door itself. The face of the wall above the door is decorated with a pattern of 6-pointed stars made with white hexagons and brick triangles.

Çakırsaz Caravanserai Han Kütahya
The central aisle of the caravanserai interior.

On the exterior there are small traces of older, reused stone elements though they are few and the walls were almost completely rebuilt after they had collapsed. At the rear of the Caravanserai there are a pair of tall triangular buttresses supporting the two rows of arches that support the vaulted roof.

Çakırsaz Caravanserai Han Kütahya
The rear of the caravanserai.

Inside there are some fine pieces of old Greek masonry, some simple architectural elements and grave markers. There used to be more carved stones like these but they were destroyed by looters hoping to find treasure behind the fine stones.

Çakırsaz Caravanserai Han Kütahya
Reused elements in the base of one of the interior piers.

How To Get There


Çakırsazhan Caravanserai is about halfway along the highway between Kütahya and Afyonkarahisar. There is regular bus service along the road though the caravanserai and the village of Çakırsaz is just over a kilometer west of the highway itself. If you’re driving your own car head south from Kütahya along the D650 (Afyon-Kütahya) Highway for 45 kilometers then turn right into the town of Çakırsaz. From Afyon head north on the D650 (Afyon-Kütahya) Highway then, after 50 kilometers turn left into Çakırsaz. The Caravanserai is behind the mosque in the south of the village.

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Where To Stay

Being only 45 kilometers from the city of Kütahya and 50 kilometers from the city of Afyon these are your best options when looking for hotels. Kütahya has a decent selection of hotels for a non-touristic city while Afyon has the usual selection plus a good selection of geothermal and mineral pool themed hotels and resorts.

Other Tips

Planning on visiting Çakırsazhan? Make sure to check out the other sights in the Phrygian Valley, Afyon Province, and Kütahya Provınce.

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