Province: Aydın

The Province of Aydin, in the heart of the Turkish Aegean coast, was site to the early Greek colonists who built great cities of marble between the turquoise waters and the gentle green mountains. The province is centered on the fertile Menderes River valley whose wandering path gave us the word “meander”, from the ancient Greek name for the river. Beyond the Greco-Roman history, Aydin is also home to Neolithic rock paintings, Byzantine Monasteries, and late Ottoman mansions.
With Greek islands just offshore and a serpentine coastline of sheltered bays beneath a baking sun Aydin is home to some of Turkey’s most popular destinations for sunseekers. With beachfront resorts, seaside villages to explore, pine-forest campgrounds, and hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails, there is no shortage of ways to experience the beauty of Aydin.