Alaca Turkish Bath

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Name of Hamam: Alaca Hamamı (Kasım Paşa Hamamı)

Date Built: 1475

Traditional style: Yes

Date of Visit: February 13 2020

Location: On the corner of Gazlıgöl and Birlik streets, close to the Utku Monument. The entrance is on Gazlıgöl street, tucked behind Hidayet Abinin Yeri in the City of Afyon.

Price (in Lira): 20/15/15 (hamam entry/scrub/massage)

Tip Expected: Yes

Drinks: Yes     Free:  No

There is a section for both Men and Women.

Reviewed for: Men


Alaca Turkish Bath Review

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Final Score: 43.5/50

Alaca Turkish Bath is a great place to experience a really authentic Hamam frequented by locals. There are no extra touristic frills (and no extra touristic costs), and no seriously out of place modern additions. Staff is friendly and helpful, and the quality of the scrub is great. Alaca Hamam is a great place to relax, get clean, warm up, and experience the living tradition of the Turkish Bath.



Score breakdown (All scores out of 5)

Length of stay: 5

Note: At some other places the staff will rush you into a massage long before you’re ready or even warmed up. At Alaca Hamamı we were not rushed at all and got use our full hour as we wanted.


Change room: 3.5

Note:  Change rooms are rather small and could be kept a bit tidier.


Common room: 4

Note: Nice traditional common room with a marble fountain in the middle. Not a whole lot of room for sitting but nice none the less.


Hamam Features: 4

Note: Great little dry sauna, corner rooms with a bit of privacy, all the standard amenities. The sauna is either quite new or very well maintained, either way it’s quite nice.


Hamam esthetics: 3.5

Note: A plain provincial turkish bath that has managed to mantain its historic feel quite well.


Cleanliness: 4

Note: Alaca Turkish Bath has the advantage of being fairly busy which will always help keep the place clean. Regularly use keeps this bath rather clean though it could use a deeper clean occasionally.


Heat: 5

Note: Hot water was hot, cold water was cold, air was hot, seats were warm, raised stone slab was hot. Perfectly done.


Smell: 5

Note: No smells to speak of and that’s always a good thing.


Quality of Scrub/Massage: 4.5

Note: Great scrub and massage, not overly intense, suds made the traditional way by filling a cloth bag with air. Could have been a bit more thorough to get 5/5.


Staff: 5

Note: Friendly, no pushiness, and all around good service.


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Never been to a Turkish Bath? Check out the History of Turkish Baths or our guide explaining just what goes on at a Turkish Bath here!

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