Province: Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir is one of the largest and most important provinces in Turkey’s South-East. Its wide and diverse landscape, with rugged mountains, green valleys, and flat prairie make a beautiful setting for the incredible amount of history tucked into every corner. The historic city of Diyarbakir is surrounded by the second longest city wall in the world right on the banks of one of history’s most important rivers, the Tigris. In the surrounding countryside there are countless caves, castles, mountains, rivers, bridges, and ruins of every type dating from every period of human settlement.

Unfortunately for all, there has been an ongoing insurgency centered in Diyarbakir, and many areas are either closed off to visitors or dangerous especially for foreigners. When planning a trip to Diyarbakir keep in mind that even though the majority of places are safe to visit some aren’t.