Province: Adıyaman

In a country full of beautiful sights, delicious foods, and ancient history, Adıyaman manages to set itself apart. While the local dish of raw meatballs may not sound as appealing to foreigners, the vast ruins and tombs set in the province’s stunning natural beauty have been attracting loads of attention. While Adıyaman is home to numerous Roman monuments and ruins, the main attraction is the remains of the kingdom of the Commagene, a people that left colossal tomb ruins scattered across their small kingdom. The grandest of all these monuments is the tomb of Antiochus I, a 50-metre-tall mound perched on the peak of Mt. Nemrut and visible from all across the region.
If you go to Adıyaman, you really should try Çiğ Köfte (raw meatballs); it’s actually a vegetarian dish with a history tied to local legends of Abraham!