The Swimming Islands of Bingöl

(Yüzen Adalar)

/ By Josh

Cost: Free

Great for: Lovers of Floating Islands, Mini Golf

The Swimming Islands of Bingöl are probably Bingöl’s most well-known touristic site. The idea of islands that float and drift around in the breeze is admittedly pretty amazing, however, it’s impossible to tell just by looking at them that they are floating and the result is more golf course than fairy land. If it’s particularly windy or if you’re lucky and someone has gone in with poles and is pushing the islands around it’s actually pretty amazing. If you’re not there on such an occasion then don’t plan on staying long.

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yuzen adalar Bingol
The floating islands of Bingöl

How To Get There

Rental Car

As this is Bingöl’s most well-known site there is ample signage leading to it. Heading east along the Bingöl – Muş road turn north about 45 km from the city of Bingöl. From the turn-off it’s about 5 kilometres to the islands.

For more about car rental and driving in Turkey make sure to read our full drivers guide.

Where To Stay

As far as I’m aware there is nowhere to stay in the immediate surroundings. While there may be a couple small places in Solhan, Bingöl is not much further in the opposite direction and has plenty of accommodation.

Other Tips

cliffs near yuzen adalar Bingöl
Ravines near the floating island

After turning off the Bingöl – Muş road on the way to the islands you’ll drive through a wide field with a large ravine on the left. The ravine splits into a deep ‘Y’ that is very photogenic and sometimes full of herds of goats if you’re interested in taking pictures of the beautiful landscape.

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