Seven Lakes National Park

Yedigöller Milli Parkı

/ By Josh

Cost: Variable

The cost will change based on when you visit, and whether you stay a night. Car – 18TL Motorcycle – 9TL Camping – 34TL RV – 40TL

Great for: Camping, Nature, Light Hiking

Yedigöller Park Bolu

Set in the heart of Bolu, Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) Park is one of the most beautiful spots in a region already famous for its lush forests, murmuring streams and idyllic lakes.

Bolu Yedigöller Milli Parkı
A small waterfall along one of the trails in the park

The park, founded in 1965, is centred around a set of seven small lakes created by landslides in the valley as well as a small cascade waterfall, and a system of walking trails. The deep valley keeps out most of the wind making for mirror-flat lake surfaces and beautiful reflections.

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The park is teeming with small wildlife such as trout and thousands of frogs inhabiting the water and large hedgehogs, squirrels, and snakes creeping through the underbrush.

Bolu Yedigöller Milli Parkı

How To Get There

Rental Car

Follow the brown signs down Yedigöller road, north out of the city of Bolu. The road is a winding and narrow 43 km drive from the city. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful view from the road. I’ve noticed that people are complaining a lot about road conditions being terrible even for a 4×4 on review sites and just want to add that, even if that was true in the past, it’s not the case now. While there are a couple of bad spots I made it in a heavy and very wide RV so unless your car is literally going to pieces already you can disregard some of these comments.

For more about car rental and driving in Turkey make sure to read our full drivers guide.

Where To Stay

Camping or RVing in the park is popular and, as it’s one of the best public campgrounds I’ve seen in Turkey, I’d recommend staying in the park if anywhere.

There is a small store in the heart of the park selling firewood at a decent price (20TL for a large sack) as well as a number of other odds and ends. If you can help it, don’t depend on this place as they only carry a small selection of goods, usually at a high price.

No camp cooking (propane stove, BBQ, mangal, or camp fire) is allowed until late in the evening so don’t plan to cook lunch if you can help it. This is to keep the forest clean and as smoke free as possible. As the Turkish style of BBQ, called mangal, puts out great pillars of smoke like something from an Al Gore film, this is probably a good idea.

Other than that, the city of Bolu is not too far and has a number of fairly standard hotel options.

Other Tips

If you plan on buying local honey or other produce, make sure to buy it outside of the park itself from the locals who have set up little stalls on the roadside. Their prices are much better.

While I haven’t personally been to Yedigöller in the fall, it comes as no surprise that it is absolutely spectacular with the sea of lush deciduous turning to gold sometime in October.

Have any tips or info to add? Spot any mistakes? We’d love to hear about it.