Karacabey Turkish Bath – Ankara

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Never been to a Turkish Bath? Have no idea what it’s all about? Make sure to check out the History of Turkish Bath here or our guide explaining just what goes on at a Turkish Bath here before visiting!

Name of Hamam: Karacabey Turkish Bath

Date Built: 1440

Traditional style: Yes

Date of Visit: October 10 2018

Location: The Hamamönü Neighborhood of Ankara

Price (in Lira): 30/7.5/7.5 (hamam entry/scrub/massage)

Tip Expected: Yes

Drinks: Yes     Free:  No

There is a section for both Men and Women.

Reviewed for: Men

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Ankara Karacabey Hamamı Turkish Bath

Ankara Karacabey Hamamı Turkish Bath

Final Score: 48/50 (96%)

Karacabey Turkish Bath is phenomenal. A list of Turkey’s top 10 was published a number of years ago and this hamam scored 5th overall. To put it in perspective the number one Turkish Bath cost 215TL while Karacabey cost 25 (at the time). In other words, Karacabey perfectly combines prices aimed at locals with fantastic service.

Karacabey is the oldest active Turkish Bath in the city and the architecture is quite beautiful. All the major amenities are there and the common room is actually designed to be used by everyone for socializing while cooling down after the bath.

If you only go to one Turkish Bath we would highly recommend it be this one! Also, if you visit Karacabey make sure to try their special Ayran mixed with soda water and lemon juice. It’s an odd taste but if you can get yourself beyond the weirdness it is actually pretty good and a great way to rehydrate after all the sweating.


Score Breakdown

Length of stay: 5

Note: length of stay was fine. We weren’t rushed in the least and after the scrub/massage we still had plenty of time to stay in the hamam


Change room: 5

Note:  Change rooms were large with good locks and lots of privacy.


Common room: 4.5

Note: The common room is somewhat plain but has been kept in an attractive classic style. The fact that it’s got a wood fireplace is definitely a plus and the sitting space around the central fountain is great.


Hamam Features: 4.5

Note: The only thing missing from this Turkish Bath is a good dry sauna. The steam room is great though. Also the fact that much of the hamam is divided into individual rooms is a massive plus. There’s also a tıraşlık, a small closed in section for shaving which is not overly common.


Hamam esthetics: 4.5

Note:  Beautiful domed ceilings, all well maintained in a close-to-original style.


Cleanliness: 4.5

Note: Quite clean. There was a little bit of mildew showing on the ceiling but only a little as they repaint it regularly.


Heat: 5

Note: Excellent. The steam room was actually kind of intense.


Smell: 5

Note: No bad smells to speak of.


Quality of Scrub/Massage: 5

Note: Excellent. Thorough, firm, but never torture.


Staff: 5

Note: Very friendly, some spoke a bit of English as well.


Ankara Karacabey Hamamı Turkish Bath-

Never been to a Turkish Bath? Check out the History of Turkish Baths here or for our guide explaining just what goes on at a Turkish Bath here!

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