High Church Güzelyürt

Yüksek Kilise

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While originally known as Analipsis Church, its lofty position has made it more popularly known as High Church with locals. The small complex is perched on a tall rock at the top of a long sloping hill and has a great view of the surrounding fields and Mount Hasan in the distance.

Aksaray Yüksek Kilise High Church

Aksaray Yüksek Kilise High Church Güzelyürt

Considering Cappadocia’s ancient history going back to the earliest stages of civilization and, more particularly, to the early days of Christianity, High Church is a strangely new addition. According to the inscription on the building the church was built in 1894 as a part of a small monastic complex. On top of the rock are a chapel and small building that would have held the cells of the nuns (it is thought that this was a nunnery though there has been little evidence to confirm this). Carved into the rock are a number of cisterns and small rooms, some of which would have been store-rooms and others used as retreats.

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While High Church is definitely high it appears even more impressive if you see it from the Aksaray Güzelyurt road that runs down in the valley below.

Aksaray Yüksek Kilise High Church
The church as seen from below with the small openings of cells showing in the cliff face.
Aksaray Yüksek Kilise High Church
The interior of the small housing building with cells on the left.


How To Get There

Rental Car

High Church is on the outskirts of the town of Güzelyurt in southern Aksaray Province. Head west out from the town and simply follow the brown signs.

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If you don’t have a car it’s only a 1.5 kilometre walk from the centre of Güzelyurt to the west. You can easily cut through the fields between the town and the small lake then skirt the edge of the lake to the church perched on its rock on the far side of the lake from the town.

Where To Stay

High Church is right in the heart of Aksaray’s Cappadocia region and so there’s a good selection of accommodation options. Güzelyurt has a handful of pensions aimed at tourists but there are also a number of other small hotels and pensions in the nearby towns of Selime and Ihlara.

Other Tips

Thinking of visiting Güzelyürt? Güzelyürt is also home to one of Cappadocia’s many underground cities as well as Red Church (Kızıl Kilisesi). Also make sure to check out what other sights are in the surrounding area!

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