The Village Swimming Hole at Direkli

Direkli Köyü

/ By Josh

Cost: Free public access

Great for: Swimming, Nature, Village Life

Direkli waterfall and pool Bingol Turkey

The village of Direkli in the southern mountains of Bingöl is home to a beautiful waterfall-fed swimming hole in one of its deep gorges. The surrounding hills are a dry and dusty, mottled red, orange, and white whereas the valley bottoms are wet and vibrant green even in the full heat of summer.

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Direkli waterfall and pool Bingol Turkey
A short hike through these beautiful hills brings you to the pool tucked away in a narrow gorge

While the swimming hole is beautiful in and of itself, the surrounding hills and the village of Direkli really top off the experience of visiting this place. For those wanting to get a glimpse into a unique aspect of Turkish culture the small village with its wandering animals and children, picturesque green fields and gardens, all set amidst the rough red hills and mountains make for an amazing opportunity. The local mother tongue being Zaza (though everyone we met also spoke Turkish), and the remoteness has preserved a greater degree of traditional culture.

Direkli waterfall and pool Bingol Turkey
A woman planting in her field at 6AM just below the village

How To Get There

Rental Car

Apart from a personal vehicle I’m not aware of any other way to this out of the way village. As there was a great amount of road construction underway when we were there things may be a bit different but at least the road will be much easier to navigate and much safer. Direkli is in the southern district of Genç, east of the Bingöl – Diyarbakır road along the Karcı Köyü road.

For more about car rental and driving in Turkey make sure to read our full drivers guide.

Where To Stay

The nearest major town, Genç, is about a forty-five-minute drive away (when the new road is finished it should be just under a half hour according to local estimations) and is the best option for something close. Otherwise the city center of Bingöl is actually quite close and only 1 hour away according to the old road.

Other Tips

Visit in the late spring, summer, or early fall when the weather in the area is hot and the water refreshing. As the village is in the mountains the winters are very cold and not suitable for swimming though the landscapes would still be magnificent.

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