Ali Paşa Turkish Bath – Çorum

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Never been to a Turkish Bath? Have no idea what it’s all about? Make sure to check out the History of Turkish Bath here or our guide explaining just what goes on at a Turkish Bath here before visiting!

Name of Hamam: Ali Paşa Hamamı

Date Built: 1573

Traditional style: Yes

Date of Visit: Sept 13 2018

Location: Çorum city centre across from the clock tower

Price (in Lira): 25/12.50/12.50 (hamam entry/scrub/massage)

Tip Expected: probably though not demanded

Drinks: Yes     Free:  No

There is a section for both Men and Women.

Reviewed for: Men

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Çorum Ali Paşa Turkish Bath-

Çorum Ali Paşa Turkish Bath-

Final Score: 45/50

All in all this is a great place to experience a truly beautiful Turkish Bath without shelling out the crazy amount of money that the touristic hamams in Istanbul will charge. This hamam strikes the perfect balance between high quality and local establishment. It’s absolutely beautiful and spotlessly clean. The Massage is good though not amazing, and the heat was a bit of an issue, but after dousing ourselves in hot water and using the steam room we felt hot enough. This is a great opportunity to experience the grander side of visiting a Turkish Bath, and we would definitely recommend that you give Ali Paşa Hamamı a try!


Score breakdown

Length of stay: 5

Note: Perhaps it was because the hamam was busier than the ones we’ve been to in other places but whatever the reason we were not at all rushed and felt like we had plenty of time to enjoy the bath.


Change room: 4

Note: These were quite nice but definitely the least private I’ve ever seen. No door or curtain of any sort. However, there were security boxes for personal items, so security wasn’t really an issue. This didn’t hurt the score too much because, lets face it, you’re about to be nearly naked and scrubbed by another person. Also, if you want, there is a private two-person changeroom with little tables making a perfect lounge room for after.


Common room: 5

Note: This was by far the nicest common room I’ve ever seen. There were a couple of little lounge sections for groups and the architecture was lovely, bright, and beautifully maintained.


Hamam Features: 4

Note:  Ali Paşa Hamam has the traditional features of a proper Turkish Bath. The only common extra that is missing is the dry sauna.


Hamam Aesthetics: 5

Note: This Turkish Bath has been beautifully restored. The stone work is wonderful and just about all the materials are original. (Under close inspection some of the travertine in the floor appears to be ceramic tile but we’re not going to be THAT picky!) Half the basins are new marble while the other half show the wear of a century or so of use. The dishes used for dousing yourself are all ornate metal dishes rather than the plain plastic that most non-touristic Turkish Baths use. All parts of the hamam were brightly lit without having cords hung haphazardly throughout the interior.


Cleanliness: 5

Note: High traffic means higher income and so this hamam has been able to afford more regular upkeep than many others and the results are great. The walls are free of mildew and there was no grime to be seen.


Heat: 3.5

Note: This was really the only disappointment. As it was still warm weather and visitors were frequent there is really no reason why the hamam should not have been properly heated. The marble slab was ok but could have been a bit hotter and the air temperature of the main room was warm rather than hot. The water was properly cold and hot, and the steam room heated up nicely. Hopefully this was a one time thing.


Smell: 4.5

Note: This was probably the best smelling hamam I’ve been to. Even the bathrooms smelled clean. The only exception was the unfortunate decision to put wooden benches in the steam room. While that works in a dry sauna the wood begins to stink of mildew in the constant humidity.


Quality of Scrub/Massage: 4

Note: The scrub and massage were good but too gentle compared to all the others we’ve had. If you prefer that then disregard the point lost here.


Staff: 5

Note: Staff were friendly and chatted with us over cups of tea afterwards. Overall the service was great.


Never been to a Turkish Bath? Check out the History of Turkish Bath here or our guide explaining just what goes on at a Turkish Bath here!




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